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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

9-10-11 DECEMBER Manchester see 


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hard Nuts Xmas do..

Giants Seat Campsite and bunkhouse is between Farnworth and Whitefield in North Manchester. used this year by the CTMAC for the Manchester bike show.

To end the soft nuts season and start the harder ones, we have rented the place again and invite all and sundry to attend for a bit of a do.

4 beds per room, 25 beds in total (including wardens accom, 54 acres of woodland and a big plateau field to camp. 

Friday  12 start for camp, Bunkhouse 3 pm.
Saturday the bunkhouse opens its doors at night where there is a big room heated of course.


Watch the Facebook page for more info.


Charges are to be announced.

But cheap.

NB Shops are a ride away
Pub and chippy not far.
ASDA 2 miles,

Saturday, 12 March 2016

March on,

Only 3 weeks to the Manchester Bike Show 

Take 30-40 mins to listen to the latest radio show for our mention.

Thanks go out to our very own Sam Manicom who arrange and Graham Field who narrated the excellent mention on…/episode-3-emergencies-
 All about the CTMAC and the Manchester Bike Show, Cheers guys, its nice to see that our efforts are being spread across the world. 80)

Its a busy time at CTMAC HQ . Preparations underway for the Manchester Bike Show with blackboards being built, and signage ordered. 

The 144 sq mtrs stand will take some filling but with some infamous riders and their bikes already confirmed, the show will be a good 'un I am sure.

Sam Manicom 
Derek Mansfield
Nathan Millward
Bernard Smith
Steve Stuart.
Roadto Manchester
Dave Fenton
Alex Jackson
Ren Withnell and Sharon Parker
Nick Sykes
Ian Coates 

Damn..... I only made 10 blackboards..... Ian will need a big one though !!!. 

We will also have (with luck) the Rally Bike from the Adventure Bike Warehouse (Gary Pitchford ) who is currently blasting through the Tuareg Rally in Africa. 

So that's a stand full, but we do have 144 sq mtrs to play with.

Spencer Conway will not be attending as his TV series prompted Discovery Channel to fund a second trip this time to Sth America , so he is busy as you can imagine.... Good Look Spence, make sure he stickers are in place.... 

Stunning Picture from Gary Pitchford (Adventure Bike Warehouse) in Africa on the Tuareg Rally. 

Harry Stottle. Poems about stuff.

If you are facebook friendly take a peek at Facebook/harryStottlePoems for biker and nonsense poems about life and stuff.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


The 2nd and 3rd April and the Manchester Bike Show is in the bag, and the 144sqmtr stand will include some great Overland Bikers and their machines. Our forefather and reason that the CTMAC exists, Ian Coates, has had an bad accident and may not make it, but he is getting better as I write. (Fingies crossed).

The Camp Mancunion site in Ringley, will host the exhibitors as well as a number of other members etc within the Bunk House and camp ground. 
You are invited to use the camp which as mentioned is about 15 mins from the exhibition.

The link above is from Katie, owner of Mama Sues who has offered to build a Jambalya on Saturday night. I do however need to confirm how many peeps require this by pre-order.


Get your confirmation in for ;

Camping or Bunk House.  Fri-Sat-*Sun,  
(*Bunkhouse Fri-Sat only).

Saturday Feast 

Breakfast Butty: Sunday Bacon Butty and a brew. 

Prices for the above food will be confirmed,

Sunday, 13 December 2015


Ren Withnal of Bikes and Travels fame and myself went to GIANTS SEAT SCOUT CAMP  on Saturday to meet with the manager and staff.

The site for the Campus Mancunion over the weekend of 1-3rd April is to allow those wishing to visit and those on the stand at the Manchester Bike Show at Event City.

The site is on the outskirts of Manchester and approx@ 15 minutes from the show.

Invites are open for camping and a few beds available in the bunk house.

There is a large hall in case the weather is 'wet' ( it is Manchster in April after all).

Toilet block and showers, 50 acres of woodland and a big flat field.

If you are stand members your place is secure.

maps and instructions a bit nearer the time.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

2016 APRIL Manchester Bike Show and Camping

Manchester Bike Show

Campus Mancunion

Click blue links for more info.

The Manchester Bike Show runs from 2-3rd APRIL 2016 at EVENT CITY  next door to the massive Trafford Centre (Big shopping centre). Parking is free and the entry very reasonable ,PLUS lkots of shops to make your visit a full day, family and partner pleasing event.

2016 will be our THIRD year at the show that is growing year on year and includes many of the manufacturers including Honda (Think new Africa Twin), Triumph (Featuring Zoe Cano and her Bonniville, who might have been on our stand until they asked). and many more.

The Chunky Tread MAC (CTMAC) stand will be even bigger this year with a massive 12 x 12 mtrs asked for.

This years stand saw Bernard Smith, Graham Field, Ian Coates and many more showing their bikes and some selling books etc:  (8 Bikes this year).

2016 will see Ren & Sharon of Bikes and Travels, Dave Fenton, Nick Sykes Road2manchester, and the front row including the new TV star Spencer James Conway, Nathan Milward and many more. 

The show stand build and entry is Friday 8.30am - 10pm and saturday 6am - 8,30am (which give only an hour to get your bike ready.) Fully loaded, Geared up, muddy, battle scars most welcome.
Each display bike will get 3 tickets that allow entry FRI SAT SUN for one person. Extra tickets for family and friends have to be bought, but if you are to arrive on Saturday morning your Friday ticket can be used by partners etc.

Finish by 5-6pm Sunday and all bikes have to be out by 8pm: 

Each display bike will get a blackboard supplied on site, These are approx 4ft high x 2ft wide on which the HiViz pens can be freely used. (See below). You can add pictures etc and we suggest a number of  A4's is big enough. 

A storage area is on the stand and those wishing to use the camp for accommodation can use the Chunky Van for storage of tents etc. Chairs etc will be rare, so bring one if you can.

There is a small charge of £20 per bike that goes towards the boards and costs etc:


Please send an email to Pete and you will receive the Stand and Club forms that need to be filled in and returned FAST...


The Giants Seat Community and Scout Campsite, is being made available for the weekend at a very low price for those who wish to visit the show and keep costs low.
Situated between Farnworth and Whitefield and within easy reach of the M61 (Southbound) and Junc 18 M60 it is around 10-15 mins from the Event City (Junc 9 or 10 M60). Depending on traffic. 

The site is very basic and not to commercial site standards BUT has a very handy 4 room bunkhouse that holds 22 people. 
On a first come basis the bunkhouse for £20 per head for Friday Sat, has a kitchen and lounge area. We will need to book  and pay £80 deposit so low numbers may need to pay a little more. 

April in Manchester can be a little damp (It has been for the last 2 years), so the bunkhouse seem  a logical choice. CAMPING however is available for £10 for the weekend its cheap as chips.

The 50 acre site has a field big enough for 200 tents plus WILD camping plots in the wooded area.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL SITE AND FACILITIES ARE GOOD BUT BASIC. The site will have no staff other than our own representative (helper) who will act as security/manager for the duration. 
Vans and Minibagos are welcome though hook up not available. (Though a socket and cable could be OK near the bunkhouse,)



The CTMAC is a non profit, no budget, free to use club. We need to cover costs and keep  the Spirit of the Adventure alive. 
We would love to hear from potential sponsors who may wish to take advantage of the growing popularity of our Facebook community and the attraction that our club stand creates at the show. This may be as a product/prize for the stand. Display spots or help at the camp. 
Please contact Pete on 07941 813255